Galisteo Street Studio

Galisteo Street Studio is a multi-functional 1400 square foot non-toxic art making facility a little more than 1 mile from the historic Santa Fe Plaza. The flexibility of the studio lends itself to a variety of options ranging from fully assisted one on one private sessions to intimate custom made workshops for up to 7 participants.

The public workspace is equipped with a variety of adjustable height tables, glass palettes, a full supply of Akua waterbased non-toxic inks, and a wide range of brayers, inking knives and assorted tools for monotype, collage, Solarplate, ImagOn and construction projects. The studio  can accommodate a medium size workshop or an artist can spread out while working in a private or shared assisted session. Adjacent to the classroom workspace are three intaglio presses, 30”x 48” Takach, 38”x 74” Wepplo/Takach hybrid and a 12″ x 30″ for small images. There is a 30”x 40” vacuum frame exposure unit, a 24 inch Epson ink jet digital printer, a well-ventilated collage area and plenty of additional table and wall space in a well planned layout to offer an efficient work flow for a variety of projects.

The bathroom and clean up sinks are located conveniently within the space and six large skylights provide enough diffused daylight that artificial lights are often unnecessary. The outdoor orchard is a great spot to enjoy a lunch break during the warmer months.