Assisted Sessions at Galisteo Street Studio

Assisted Sessions at Galisteo Street Studio

Ongoing by appointment

Nicknamed “Pamper and Production,” private and shared assisted sessions are geared to give you the greatest amount of personal attention and production output. Each full day session is 8 hours of work time plus a lunch break and can be custom made for your particular needs and project. Included are all inks, monotype plates, set up and clean up services, use of tools such as brayers, ink knives, etc. The only supplies you might consider bringing are any personal tools as well as brushes and collage material. You can choose to work as large as my presses can handle and can get involved with Solarplate and/ or ImagOn, digital imagery, as well as mixed media constructions. 8×10 and 12×16 Solarplates as well as 11×14, 12×16 and 16×20 pre-laminated ImagOn plates are generally in stock for an additional fee. With some advanced notice ImagOn plates can be prepared up to 23″x 36.”

As a Master printer and instructor I can offer assistance and education at whatever level you choose. It can be a total production session or some combination of learning techniques and creating finished works. For 3-4 people I reserve the option to hire an assistant/intern to help with the load. All the printing during these private or shared assisted sessions will be done by me and /or my assistant. The prices for assisted sessions are as follows:

          1 person- $600*/ day plus paper and tax           
          2 people $400 each/ day plus paper and tax 
          3 people $300 each/ day plus paper and tax
          4 people- $250 each/ day plus paper and tax
          5 people- (assisted by special arrangement)

Please contact me if you are interested in available dates or want to discuss a particular project.

*For projects that require special studio reorganization and/or use of oversized paper and plates the daily rate is $700.

(In all cases additional fees for materials may apply for Solarplates, ImagOn, digital prints or transparencies, and construction materials. For excessive ink use a small surcharge may be assessed)