Beyond Monotype

This workshops covers a wide range of techniques possible in the monotype process and continues through the use of collage, drawing, and multiple plate projects. Students will be encouraged to pursue their artistic vision using monotype as a mark making tool in combination with whatever other techniques are efficient and available. The use of mixed media techniques opens the door to limitless opportunities. The approach is energetic and flexible as each student’s individual style will dictate the direction of the workshop.

Modifying, layering, mixing inks, finding color, use and abuse of mark-making tools, exploring the limits of paper, collage, chine colle and built up surface will all be discussed. Working with drawing materials, integration of Solarplate, ImageOn, traditional intaglio plates, other matrices, and finishing prints as resolved and complete expressions, including solving issues after printing, are aspects of the workshop. Some monotype and/or other printmaking experience is helpful.