Beyond Monotype With A Side Of Solarplate

Beyond Monotype With A Side Of Solarplate
Start date: April 16, 2018
End date: April 20, 2018
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Atelier Meridian, Portland, OR
Hands-on Workshops

This workshop is designed to bring together the contemporary intaglio platemaking process of Solarplate with monotype and collage to create unique, mixed media images, monoprints and variable editions. Using Akua non toxic waterbased inks and modifiers you will learn a wide range of techniques possible in the monotype process and continue through the use of chine colle, collage, drawing, and multiple plate projects. Students will be encouraged to pursue their artistic vision using monotype as a mark making tool. You will learn Solarplate, a contemporary plate making processes using UV light and non-toxic materials without traditional grounds and acids to produce repeatable intaglio images. With Solarplate participants may draw, paint, collage, photocopy, or use digital images to create a positive transparency. Various inking, printing and registration techniques will be taught. The notion of the “artist as an inventor” will be stressed as mixed media techniques open the door to limitless opportunities. The approach is energetic and open, as each student’s individual style will help dictate the direction of the workshop. Open studio time is available in the evenings. This workshop is suitable to all levels of experience.

Workshop fee: $750.** The materials provided are Akua inks, plexi plates, three 8 x 10 Solarplates, tarlatan, newsprint and paper towels. We will have additional Solarplates for purchase along with printmaking papers.