Intro to Monotype: With and Without a Press – March 24 video

Intro to Monotype: With and Without a Press – March 24 video
Date: March 24, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: video available
Online Programs

This online Zoom presentation is the basic introductory lesson Ron Pokrasso offers in most of his hands-on workshops. It is the best place to start if you have never taken one of his workshops or just need a refresher. Monotype is the most direct of all the printmaking processes – It is a painting on a plastic plate transferred to paper. It is simple to do but extremely rewarding to do well and with a greater level of control. Using Akua water based inks and modifiers, participants will learn about the set up and use of materials and tools, the mixing of ink, additive and subtractive techniques, manipulating the plate, the use of stencils and templates, working the ghost, multiple plate registration and of course printing.

Like CCP, Ron’s Galisteo Street Studio is a fully functional art – making environment complete with all the tools, inks, and presses that are used by professional printmakers. But you don’t need to have an extensive set up nor do you even need a traditional press to get wonderful results. Ron will guide you through the process of printing both with the use of a press as well as using a rolling pin or pin press and wooden spoon. Before you know it the beginner will be an advanced student.

This 3 hour interactive demo is suitable to all levels of experience. It includes questions from participants followed by optional 30 minute individualized Confer and Critique Add-On sessions. Additional hour long Confer ‘n Critique sessions may be scheduled by appointment.