Photopolymer Mixed Media Printing Techniques – Part 1 Jan 13 Video

Photopolymer Mixed Media Printing Techniques – Part 1                  Jan 13 Video
Date: January 13, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Video available
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There are many different ways to use your photopolymer plates (ImagOn, KM, Solarplate, etc). This includes a variety of methods of inking and printing single impressions, adding color and mapping for monotype underpaintings. You will learn about relief rolling, ‘A la poupe’e, duo-tone, and simple background printing and minimal chine colle’. Using the registration grid (recommended) on your press you will learn how to accurately align plates for multiple passes in a single composition. This program is filled with numerous tips on inking, wiping and registration that will significantly enhance your craftsmanship.

Note: If working in your own studio a press is necessary for the techniques presented and is not suitable for hand printing.

This 2 hour interactive demo includes questions from participants followed by optional 30 minute individualized Confer and Critique Add-On sessions that may be purchased in advance below or at checkout. Additional hour long Confer ‘n Critique sessions may be scheduled by appointment.

For a full hands-on application check out the Printing Area suggestions on the Materials list.