Mastering The Monotype

Mastering The Monotype

September 24, 2019 - September 28, 2019

Time: 10a to 4p

Location: Center For Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT

Hands-on Workshops

Ron Pokrasso’s approach to monotype in combination with chine collé/collage and drawing will open your eyes and working process to a whole new range of possibilities. Using Akua non-toxic products, participants will utilize an array of techniques for Monotype Printmaking. Participants will learn how to think in layers to print on dry paper with several plates and surfaces, putting emphasis on perfecting multiple plate registration and long term planning of prints. Pokrasso’s unique approach interspersed with art making philosophies makes this an intensive, enriching, eco-friendly week-long art immersion. As a primer for Monothon this workshop is great for beginners as well as a perfect tune-up for experienced monotype artists. A small original Pokrasso monoprint is included for all full paying registered participants.