Photopolymer Platemaking- The Basics- Video

Photopolymer Platemaking- The Basics- Video
Date: March 2, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Video available
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Photopolymer refers to the UV sensitive material covering certain plates used in printmaking. When exposed to UV light the photopolymer hardens. Where the surface is blocked the polymer gets washed away in the developing. This action creates incised crevices that hold ink during intaglio inking, wiping and printing. Alternatively a similar process will create a suitable surface to be inked leaving the crevices un-inked in the relief printing process.

You will learn about the differences between Solarplate, KM, and ImagOn plates, how to create a contact frame for simple sun exposures and the various other ways to expose plates. You will see how to do a step-test to obtain the best exposure times and ways to work with different mark making alternatives and transparency films. You will gain an understanding of the use of an aquatint screen and how to effectively choose imagery for digital applications.

This is an information packed program filled with many tips that will help to de-mystify the photopolymer platemaking process.

This 2 hour interactive demo includes questions from participants followed by optional 30 minute individualized Confer and Critique Add-On sessions that may be purchased in advance below or at checkout. Additional hour long Confer ‘n Critique sessions may be scheduled by appointment.

Note: If working in your own studio a press is necessary for printing photopolymer plates and is not suitable for hand printing.