Paper To Panel

This workshop focuses on the transformation of works on paper to panels that can then be handled as paintings, collages, and assemblages. Various forms of printmaking set the stage for paper images. Then using woodworking tools, wood panels, and hollow core doors participants will learn how to construct their own substrates for furthering their compositions. Commercially available pre-made panels can also be used. Collageplays a major role and the various uses of acrylic sealers and glues will be demonstrated. Generally the workshops are open-ended and dictated somewhat by the needs and experience of the participants. The notion of the “artist as an inventor” will be stressed as problem solving such as creating supports for assemblage and cutting into surfaces become the focus of how best to express each individual’s artistic vision. The dynamic of experimenting, using what works, and taking it to the next level is what has moved Ron Pokrasso to create intriguing, increasingly sophisticated compositions. As a great recycler of both materials and ideas, Pokrasso will share his methods and concepts which have driven him to use any object – guitar strings, joist hangers, paintbrushes, plexiglas palettes, whatever works – to create his highly colorful constructed artworks.