platemaking Services

platemaking Services

Here’s how it works:

Send me images and desired sizes, preferably 360 dpi. We will converse regarding any cropping or stretching. I’ll do the appropriate Photoshop adjustments, make transparencies (up to 23.5″ wide), expose and develop the plates and if desired, print a proof of each.


Regardless of sizes the fee for the labor above is $100 for the first plate and $50 for each additional plate. If platemaking occurs during an assisted session or workshop the labor is already included in the session or workshop fee.


For ImagOn the cost is $18/sq ft. This includes the transparency, PETG plate and ImagOn film. The cost of Arches 88 paper is additional if a proof is requested. I stock pre-laminated 16 x 20, 12 x 16 and 11 x 14 ImagOn plates and can cut and make whatever sizes preferred (up to 23.5″x 36″). Sample materials pricing for ImagOn: 16 x 20 – $40 ($46.60 if a proof is included) 12 x 16 – $24 ($27.30 if a proof is included) 11 x 14 – $19.25 ($22.55 if a proof is included)

I stock 8 x 10 and 12 x 16 Solarplates. With enough lead time, custom sizes are available upon request. Pricing for Solarplates plus transparencies are: 8 x 10 – $21.78 ($23.43 if a proof is included), 12 x 16 – $56.67 ($59.97 if a proof is included)

NM sales tax (8.1875%) will be added for projects shipped within NM. Shipping cost varies depending on the size.

Contact me to discuss your project.