Online Programs

Presenting through Zoom from my Galisteo Street Studio in Santa Fe, NM a series of demos are available for you to engage from your own studio. Participants can interact during each presentation and individualized “confer and critique” sessions can be scheduled in addition.

As a pre-requisite please view this orientation video to learn about Zoom and to help in arranging your own studio to best present. You may also be interested in viewing the Materials list. Zoom presentations are recorded and will be available to all participants. NOTE: ALL TIMES LISTED ARE MOUNTAIN (MT- DENVER)
Custom services are available as well.

No upcoming online programs and remote services currently scheduled

Past Online Programs

zoom videos are available for most past online programs

Thoughts On The Creative Process

January 7, 2021
Location: Video available
2019-27D New Life For Winged Victory

In the best of moments the creative process is largely a right-brain activity. The concept of being “in the zone” is a place where action simply happens. Oddly though this intense focus seems to vanish as soon as I notice it. In this short online webinar hosted by Eddie Soloway I will offer some ideas about how to be prepared and stay focused to move through the barriers that our left brains throw up.

Using a Veil and Textures with Monotype- Jan 7 Video

January 7, 2021
Location: Video and follow up images are available
Bubbles Above A Sea veil header

Similar to using white paint in a painting, a veil can be used in printmaking with great flexibility to soften or eliminate information. There are a number of ways to use textures in a monotype composition. This demo will show you the advantages to using one method rather than another.

Trace Monotype- no press necessary- Jan 6

January 6, 2021
Location: Video is available
Translation please 72 dpi

Contact, Transfer or Trace monotype all refer to the same process of creating printed marks on paper. It’s a great way to make a graphic mark with a printerly feel. There’s lots of ways to approach this and no press is necessary.

Chine Colle’ With Monotype- Jan 5 Video

January 5, 2021
Location: Video is available
chine colle clip

Integrating thin papers and other collage elements with monotype has the potential of raising your compositions to a new level. You will learn about the differences between chine colle’ and collage, the various adhesives, and how to approach the relationship between an ongoing monotype composition and the collage elements you have to work with.

Intro To Monotype with or without a press- Jan 4 Video

January 4, 2021
Location: Video is available
intro header

Monotype is simple to do but extremely rewarding to do well. This 3 hour zoom presentation is open to all levels of experience whether you own a press, have a hand printing station or simply want to learn some techniques.

Photoshop Prep for Photopolymer Platemaking Video

October 22, 2020
Location: Video and notes available
screenshot header

When preparing to make an ImagOn or Solarplate or some other photopolymer plate from a digital image the most important step is the creation of a good transparency. In this demo you will learn the various steps to adjust your image for optimal results.