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ImagOn – Plate Prep, Laminating and Developing- Video

March 3, 2021

Location: Video is available

imagOn lamination

ImagOn is an alternative photopolymer film. It takes some preparation to be used but it is less costly and I find it to be more artistically flexible than KM or Solarplate for many art making projects.

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Photopolymer Platemaking- The Basics- Video

March 2, 2021

Location: Video available

contact frame

Photopolymer refers to the UV sensitive material covering certain plates used in printmaking. You will learn about the differences between Solarplate, KM, and ImagOn. This information packed demo is filled with many tips that will help to de-mystify the photopolymer platemaking process.

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Fine Tuning and Touch Ups – Video

March 11, 2021

Location: Video is available

touch ups

That piece you've been working on is almost there but it's missing that spark to bring it to resolution. This demo focuses on those final touches needed to complete works on paper. Using various tools and techniques you will see how minor touch ups can make all the difference in resolving an image.

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Paper To Panel – Video

March 10, 2021

Location: Video available


This 2-hour Zoom demo focuses on the transformation of works on paper to wood panels that can then be handled as paintings, collages, and assemblages. In its simplest approach this is an opportunity for artists who work on paper to present their art without the need for matting and framing under glass.

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Photopolymer Mixed Media Printing Techniques #3- Video

March 9, 2021

Location: Video available

Tree Gate Figure 3 -72 dpi

This continuation of Parts 1 and 2, focuses on combining plates of different sizes and is filled with numerous tips that will significantly enhance your craftsmanship.

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Grained Glass for Photopolymer Platemaking-Video

March 4, 2021

Location: Video available

labeled grained glass header

Creating an original drawing on grained glass is a fabulous way to get a wide tonal range without the use of computers, Photoshop, ink jet printers, or a transparency. The glass itself becomes the transparency and once the image has been exposed the glass can be re-grained and used again and again.

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Intro to Monotype: With and Without a Press – March 24 video

March 24, 2021

Location: video available


This online Zoom presentation hosted by The Center For Contemporary Printmaking is the basic introductory lesson I present in most of my hands-on workshops. It is the best place to start if you have never taken one of my workshops or just need a refresher.

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Photopolymer Mixed Media Printing Techniques – Part 2 Jan 18 Video

January 18, 2021

Location: Video available

2013-32 P Figure Tree Palette 2

Working with photopolymer plates and monotype you will see many different approaches and gain an understanding of how to integrate multiple layers of imagery.

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Photopolymer Mixed Media Printing Techniques – Part 1 Jan 13 Video

January 13, 2021

Location: Video available

header for mixed media printing part 1

There are many different ways to use your photopolymer plates (ImagOn, KM, Solarplate, etc). This includes a variety of methods of inking and printing single impressions, adding color and mapping for monotype underpaintings.

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Using a Veil and Textures with Monotype- Jan 7 Video

January 7, 2021

Location: Video and follow up images are available

Bubbles Above A Sea veil header

Similar to using white paint in a painting, a veil can be used in printmaking with great flexibility to soften or eliminate information. There are a number of ways to use textures in a monotype composition. This demo will show you the advantages to using one method rather than another.

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